Game Online Zojas Adventure

Game Online Zojas Adventure
Zojas Adventure is game online which is so interesting. You will do adventure which si long line and so tired. In this game, you are as a wanderer. You stay on one island because your ship is shipwreck in the ocean. Therefore, your task is to get out of the island and come back in your home.

In your adventure, you must save to live. You can hunt some fish, animal, and others to be eaten by you. You will walk in the night and meet some people. I think you must be careful to face them, so that you can get out in the island.

This game is published by Khmer Movie Online at 25th October 2010. This is categorized into flash online game. File size is 4.45 mb. This game is completed by sound effect, modern graphic, and music. You can play this game in this blog because this is game online. Click the below icon to play this game.

Source: Khmer Movie Online

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