Game Online Motor Boat Parking

Game Online Motor Boat Parking
Motor Boat Parking is game online which is powerful. This game tell that a person who will go fishing with using a motorboat in one lake. He will search one place to fishing with using motorboat and find a parking. This can exercise your mind how to drive a motorboat correctly. In this game, your task is so simple. You only need drive a motorboat and need park in the place especially to parking boat. Unfortunately, to drive motorboat it is not easy. There are some obstacle which will be found by you. Therefore, you must be careful.

To play this game, you can use keyboard in your computer. You can use arrow keys to move and drive your motorboat. In addition, you can also use bottom W, A, S, D to move it. I think you can exactly play it.

Motor Boat Parking is one of game online which is published by Khmer Movie Online. This game is published at 8th August 2012. This is categorized into flash online game. File size is 2.86 Mb. There are some features in this game including sound effect, modern graphic, music, 3 dimensions, and others. Let's play Game Online Motor Boat Parking today. Click the below icon to begin this game. I hope you enjoy. Good luck.


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