Play War Machine Game

Play War Machine Game
Play War Machine Game is interesting game. This game can be played online. In this game you will drive a tank and destroy your enemy in long road. You don't need to shoot because the system will shoot automatically. Therefore, you only need to drive your tank. You can use your keyboard in your computer to drive your tank. Please read instruction in this game before you play. I hope you can win in all levels in this game.

Play War Machine Game is game online which is published by Khmer Movie Online at 6th December 2009. Size of this game is 2.38 Mb. This game is categorized into flash online game. Therefore, your browser have to have installed flash player, so that you can play this game online. This game is completed by music, modern graphic, and sound effect. There are some stages in this game. I hope you can finish all stages. Let's play this game today! Click the below icon to play this game. Good Luck!!

Reference: Khmer Movie Online

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