Game Online Shooter Spark and Enforces

Game Online Shooter Spark and Enforces
Shooter Spark and Enforces is game online about shooter. This game is so powerfull and challenge. In this game your task is to destroy about illegal goods storage in a warehouse. You are sent the location to destroy it. However, you will face some dirty armies and some enemies. Therefore, you must kill them using your weapon. They are great in number, so you must be carefull to face them. In the end you will face their boss who are so dangerous. I hope you can finish this mission.

To play this game, you need only use your mouse. Use click left to shoot your enemy!. You can press buttom 1 or 2 or 3 to select a weapon. Remember your bullets are limited  each level! so you must use the bullets effectively. If your bullet is loss, you can buy it later. I think this game is very interesting. I hope you can play this game enjoyable.

There are some features in this game including sound effect, modern graphic, and music. This game is categorized into flash online game. Size of this game is 589.79 KB. This game is published by Khmer MovieOnline at 11th February 2010. Let's play Game Online Shooter Spark and Enforces today. Click the below icon to start this game. I hope you can enjoy to play. Good luck!!.


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