Feeding Frenzy 2 Free Game Download

Game Feeding Frenzy 2
Feeding Frenzy is adventure game which is so challenge to be played. This is about adventure in deep sea water. This game is continuity from Feeding Frenzy, but this game is better than before. In this game, you are a fish predator where you have to eat some fish near you. Your body will be bigger than other fishs if you eat many fishs. I think this game is very interesting.

In this game, there are 60 levels which have to be finished by you. Every level it has different difficult. To play this game, it is so simple. You only need use your mouse and you can eat many fish. However, you must be careful to walk because you can be eaten by big fish too.

There are some features in this game, including:
- 60 levels
- 2 Dimensions
- Upgraded Graphic
- File size is 14 mb

Download game feeding frenzy 2 today full version and get unique adventure in this game. Click here to download free. I hope you can enjoy to play this game. Good luck

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