Free Game Download: Petualangan Devine Kids

Game Petualangan Devine Kids
Petualangan Devine Kids is a genre game which is created by David Setiabudi from Indonesia. This game gets an achievement from Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI). This phenomena give us inspiration to create wonderful something in the future. So, we have to keep spirit to learn about any something.

In this game, it is about adventure which is done by Abe, Bambo, and Cici. They will fight dark wizards who will generate 1000 devils. So, this game is so interesting to be played by us. In addition, dialogue of this game use indonesian language, so it will easily make you to play this game if you are Indonesian people. Size of this game is about 33 mb.

If you don't know about this game, I think you must try this game. Download Petualangan Devine Kids full version today. Click here to download.

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