Game Angry Birds Rio v1.3.0 for Android

Game Angry Birds Rio v1.3.0 for Android
Angry Birds Rio is one of game for Android which is so fenomenal. There are some version about this game. This game is version 1.3.0. Everybody likes this game. In this game, you are as small birds wont. Your task is to destroy your enemy in ocean island. In this game, your enemy is green pigs. On the other hand, you must save your friends and assist to the companion birds.

This game is very interesting to be played in your android. This game is categorized into Adventure game. Download Game Angry Birds Rio v1.3.0 for Android today. Click here to download.

Support system version:
1.6   2.0   2.0.1   2.1   2.2   2.2.1   2.3   2.4   3.0   3.1   3.2   4.0   4.1   4.2

Support phone resolution:

240×320   240×400   240×480   320×400   320×480   480×800   480×854   600×800   640×960   600×1024   768×1024   800×1280

Type: Puzzle games
Language: English
Provides: Unknown
Tariff: Free
Updated: 2011-8-21 8:56:36

Source: Android Games Room

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