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Game Extreme Racers
Extreme Racers is one of racing game which is so interesting. In this game, you can use your car with high speed and acceleration. In this game, you race in sircuit with many cars as your enemy. I hope you can finish quickly and you will be a winner in this game. There are two ways to play this game including a single race or a championship. You can choose one of the ways.

In addition, there are some sircuits in this game which is different. You can choose the sircuit where you like. In this game, it also combines realistic 3-D graphics and an adrenaline pumping score. Download Extreme Racers full versions right now. Click here to download free. I hope you can enjoy to play this game.

System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7
- Processor 800 Mhz or better
- RAM: minimum 1024Mb
- DirectX 9.0 or higher
- DirectX compatible sound board
- Easy game removal through the Windows Control Panel.

Reference: Game Top

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