Free Download Game: Tank Assault

Game Tank Assault
Game Tank Assault is free and new game. This game is classified into action game in this blog. This game is very interesting to be playing by you. You only need to operate this game easily. Therefore, you must finish this game fastly if you are a player of game.

Blast your way through enemy lines as you fight to destroy Axis forces before they get you. This exciting arcade challenge will keep you entertained for hours. Keep your eyes open for armor-piercing missiles as you urge your tank forward into one of the toughest battles of WW2. The action is fast as more and more enemies join the fight with every yard of ground you gain. You have to be quick, accurate, and bold to survive, but you must get through.

Explosive sounds of battle compete with pulse-pounding music to hype you for 10 levels of addictive game play. Gain life bonuses and power-ups as you destroy the enemy army. You have a bird's-eye perspective of the buildings, vehicles and soldiers that challenge your advance, so you know what lies just ahead.

Game Tank Assault is free game which can be download everybody. If you are not yet this game you can download free in this blog. Click Here to Download Game Tank Assault.

System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7
- Processor 800 Mhz or better
- RAM: minimum 1024Mb
- DirectX 9.0 or higher
- DirectX compatible sound board
- Easy game removal through the Windows Control Panel.

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